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Name: Universidad International
Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico
Type of Institution: Spanish School

The Spanish Language School at Universidad Internacional is located in a gorgeous residential setting of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Our Intensive Spanish Programs are designed to help you learn Spanish, or develop your Spanish language skills further. To study Spanish in Mexico is to immerse yourself in a language and culture where you will Learn, Live and Love the Spanish Language.

Nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains and just an hour south of one of the world°«s largest cities, the city of Cuernavaca reigns as the premier destination for Spanish study abroad. Known to the world as the City of Eternal Spring, Cuernavaca boasts both the calm of perpetual temperate weather, and the lively activity of a city. The temperature is ideal for spending the day in classrooms and the nights exploring downtown.

Since the 1960s students have flocked to Cuernavaca to study Spanish and the industry has only grown in the last few decades. More than fifty language schools operate in Cuernavaca today. One of the most famous and most beautiful schools is The Center for Linguistic Multicultural Studies, a part of the Universidad Internacional. Amidst tangerine stucco walls, magenta flowers, and cool palms, this school offers Spanish immersion courses from 8 am until 5 pm.



Universidad Internacional was founded to 1980 as the The Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies (Centro Bilingue). Its mission was the teaching of Spanish Language and Mexican Culture exclusively to foreign students. Later Centro Bilingue expanded its academic opportunities to Mexican students as well. Today, Universidad Internacional has national recognition and accreditation and its students pursue both undergraduate (licenciatura) and graduate studies.

Presently Universidad Internacional graduates are highly trained professionals with an international background in many areas such as business administration, law, architecture, teaching, engineering, computer science etc. Simultaneously the language department continues to offer its exellent program in Spanish language for foreigners.

Intensive Spanish Program

The Intensive Spanish Program is world recognized for its success in enhancing student Spanish language skills no matter what level of previous Spanish. It exposes the student to both the language and culture through the integration of life experiences in the linguistic process.

Our program provides students with a comprehensive yet manageable coverage of the Spanish language and culture while integrating language into student lives. Be it business jargon, an educational need, a cultural or social matter, our program makes Spanish a part of you. We can move you from any point to fluency. From daily situations to specialized fields, our goal is to maximize your usage of Spanish in a multi-cultural environment.

Characteristics & Advantages:

  • No more than 5 students in a Spanish Class. (group five system)
  • Up to 38 hours a week
  • Complete Cultural immersion
  • Classes with students of similar level, age and interests.
  • Lectures and Courses according to the Spanish level
  • Immediate Individual attention to academic and personal needs.
  • Native Spanish speaking professors
  • Variety of methodology
  • Complete flexibility.
  • Structured guided conversation classes
  • Internships
  • Earn credits

Semester Program

Come for a semester and watch your Spanish skills soar while you make friends from around the world and immerse yourself in the Mexican way of life. You can earn up to 18 credits at your home university and complete your Spanish requirements while having the unique opportunity to attend classes with Mexican and International students.You have so much to gain at Universidad Internacional; we welcome you to come and share the experience with us.

Characteristics & Advantages:

In the Semester Program you will have the same advantages and components of the
Intensive Spanish Program plus the following additional opportunities :

  • Earn up to 18 Credits
  • A personal adviser on campus
  • Club Amigo (Pen Pal) as part of your program
  • The opportunity to increase your Spanish skills by doing an Internship during all or part of your semester
  • Advanced Spanish and / or undergraduate Courses at Universidad Internacional with Mexican Students*
  • Special Discounts
  • "Fiestas" for Semester Program students
  • Graduation Ceremony and Diploma

    * NOTE: The Spanish Department will determine courses appropriate to your level.


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Universidad Internacional
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Cuernavaca, Morelos 62179

Tel: +52 777 3171087
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