About Global Daigaku

Global Daigaku works closely with leading corporate and institutional clients and with professional individuals to help them to achieve their strategic coaching/training/education goals in a high-level, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Global Daigaku

The courses of study can be through Global Daigaku’s Primer and Preparatory online courses, online courses delivered by partner and affiliated educational institutions, live and virtual live training sessions, and overseas study.

Global Daigaku’s experienced counsellors and consultants work with members and clients to pinpoint their goals, assess their current levels, and then determine and implement appropriate study paths.

For corporate clients, Global Daigaku offers full planning, appraisal, testing and short and long-term study and training programs.

We hope you will join the Global Daigaku network. We will strive to help you to achieve your goals in the most time and cost-efficient ways possible.