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Aoba-Japan International School Aoba-Japan International School Aoba-Japan International School Students
NAME:  Aoba-Japan International School
LOCATION:  Suginami-ku & Meguro-ku, Tokyo
TYPE OF INSTITUTION: International School
(Kindergarten to Grade 9)

Aoba-Japan International School
Aoba–Japan International School (A-JIS) offers a unique opportunity for students desirous of attending an international school in Japan. While the curriculum is comprehensive and comparative to other schools, A-JIS also believes that students living in Japan should study the country and the Japanese language in depth, and provides such opportunities to its students. A wide range of after-school activities are also offered to enhance the students’ learning and also to allow them to be involved in extra-curricular experiences.

Founded in 1976 by Mrs. Regina Doi Rogers, A-JIS accepts children from age 2 through grade 9 at two campuses in Tokyo, one in Meguro City and the other in Suginami City. Approximately 100 children are enrolled in five kindergarten classes at the Meguro Campus, while approximately 450 students are enrolled in kindergarten through grade 9 classes at the Suginami Campus. Presently, A-JIS graduates move on to other international schools in Japan or schools around the world. However, A-JIS is also seeking to develop a senior high school campus, enabling students to attend one school from age 2 until entering college.

School Mission Statement and Objectives
Aoba-Japan International School believes that to maximize the development of language proficiency, the learning of basic skills, and the encouragement of creativity, children should be in a school environment infused with positive acceptance and spirit.

A-JIS teachers are diligent, caring professionals who welcome diversity and make special efforts to help students master the languages they are taught, as well as subjects being taught, through active and positive interaction.

As a secular school, Aoba-Japan International School welcomes children of all religions, spiritual creeds, and nationalities with equal appreciation and respect, and strives to
  • Develop the academic, physical and relational skills needed for higher learning and for solving problems in daily life
  • Provide an English language education through a carefully tailored curriculum and positive environment
  • Foster an awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of cultural diversity through daily interaction and selected activities with children and adults from all over the world
  • Cultivate expression and appreciation in the language arts, fine arts, and humanities
  • Build the computer and technical skills essential today
  • Encourage the awareness, moral character, and values needed to develop responsible and caring individuals who will fit in the future global order.
  • Offer guidance counseling in placement of graduates of the school

Classes, Facilities, and Student Life

Intensive English Program
A-JIS offers an intensive program for students from non-English speaking nations with little or no English skills. Students concentrate their studies in all areas of the English language, and stay in the Intensive Program until they acquire the capability to be assimilated into mainstream classes.

Japanese Language Study
At the Meguro Campus, JSL (Japanese as Second Language) classes are conducted for level 2, 3, and 4 students, and Japanese classes are conducted for level 3 and 4 students. All students at the Suginami Campus have one class per day of Japanese. For elementary students, Aikido classes and Soroban classes are also taught in Japanese.

Aoba-Japan International School StudentsFacilities
The Meguro campus is located next to Saigoyama Park in Meguro City, and classes are conducted in a stimulating, home-like atmosphere. Suginami Campus facilities include a library, computer room, two music rooms, an art room, a cafeteria/general purpose hall and a basketball/volleyball court.

Elementary and junior high students attend at least one computer classes weekly. All homerooms have computers which students can use, while computers are also available in the Library for student use.

The school library contains approximately 12,000 resource materials, mostly books. A library catalog is also available for viewing online through the school intranet.

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Meguro Campus Map
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Aoba-Japan International School
Meguro Campus (Kindergarten only)
10-34, Aobadai 2-chome
Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0042
Tel: 03-3461-1442
Fax: 03-3463-9873

Suginami Campus (Grades K - 9)
10-7, Miyamae 2-chome
Suginami City, Tokyo 168-0081
Tel: 03-3335-6620
Fax: 03-3332-6928

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