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NAME:  Inter-Pacific High School Japan
LOCATION:  Musashino-City, Tokyo
TYPE OF INSTITUTION:  International School
Inter-Pacific High School Japan (IPHJ)
Founded in 1988, Inter-Pacific High School Japan (IPHJ)'s goal is to provide Japanese junior high school graduates with an opportunity to prepare to complete their senior high school education overseas in the United States and Europe, and more recently to Canada and Australia as well. IPHJ is a member of both the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS), and Japan Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Virginia, USA.

MalaspinaIPHJ enrolls students with a wide range of academic ability, and as a result, provides several tracks where students can advance at their own pace. The students are placed in groups according their grade point averages in junior high school, their SLEP (Secondary Level English Proficiency Test), their IPHJ Math Placement Test, and individual interviews. Upon completing the 10th grade program (one academic year) at IPHJ, students are ready to complete their high school education overseas. IPHJ is also tremendously proud of the academic track record and success of its graduates--a true testament to the school's strength in not only preparing students for study abroad, but also in the provision of great support and care services for students while overseas.

The atmosphere at IPHJ is informal, friendly, and supportive. Small class sizes ensure that students receive the necessary attention from their teachers and homeroom advisor.

Academic Program
Inter-Pacific High School Japan's goal is to provide Japanese students with a solid ESL foundation in academic studies that will enable them to follow an American-based curriculum in a high school overseas. Most students enter IPHJ after having successfully completed a Japanese junior high school. After graduating in March, incoming students are encouraged to enroll in IPHJ's Intensive ESL program which lasts 12 weeks, starting in April and finishing mid-June. Furthermore, before the start of the academic year in September, many students go abroad for a 3-week summer school or homestay experience in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe.

EnglishClass placement for IPHJ students is done on the basis of his /her academic background, exposure to the English language, and academic ability. Once placed, students are prepared to read academic textbooks at the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade level, to carry out a variety of learning tasks and projects, and to give content presentations in English. The emphasis of algebra/trigonometry is on solving word problems and problem solving techniques in English.

High School Placement Abroad
During the academic year, IPHJ's Headmaster, boarding school consultant, overseas student care staff, and administrative staff assist students and parents in selecting a high school overseas. Through an exclusive network of partner high schools overseas, IPHJ has sent more than 850 students abroad to over 150 schools in 8 different countries since the school's inception some 20 years ago. Naturally, students may also choose to attend a high school of their choice outside IPHJ's network of schools, and for that reason a library of catalogs and videotapes are maintained for students to use throughout the year.

While students are abroad, the overseas student care staff at IPHJ maintain contact with key administrators at each of the schools where an IPHJ student is currently enrolled. The overseas student care staff translates progress reports, school information, and billing statements for the non-English speaking parents of IPHJ students abroad. Approximately 60 percent of all students who were placed in four-year boarding schools have maintained a B average or better in their respective schools.

Kents HillAfter IPHJ
Ever since our very first graduating class, IPHJ graduates have always been highly regarded and sought after by universities both back in Japan and overseas. IPHJ graduates have gone on to study at schools in Japan such as Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, ICU, Rikkyo University and Chiba University, as well as schools overseas including Boston University, New York University, Bryn Mawr College, and Carnegie Mellon University, to name but a few.

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