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NAME: ACG English School
LOCATION:  Auckland, New Zealand

ACG English School is part of a network of schools owned and operated by Academic Colleges Group (ACG). ACG Group is a leading provider of educational services, offering a complete education pathway from kindergarten to university. ACG's 10 schools have been developed to offer the best educational pathways leading to respected universities.

At ACG English School, our focus is to provide quality ESOL courses in a learning environment which encourages our students to succeed academically. Our caring and fully qualified teachers work closely with each student to ensure that they receive individual attention and are well-supported in their learning.

In addition to 24 hours of lessons per week, 19 periods, each between 70-85 minutes, tutorials and coaching sessions are available to support learning; individually or in smaller groups. Each student also has a tutor who provides personal supervision and helps the student to set learning goals and evaluate achievement.

Successful graduates of our Auckland language school have guaranteed entry to the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, the AUT International Foundation Certificate and all ACG high schools. ACG English School is conveniently located at the ACG City Campus, 345 Queen Street, in the centre of Auckland.

We look forward to welcoming you to learn English in New Zealand with ACG.

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ACG English School
ACG City Campus, 345 Queen Street, Auckland
Phone: +64 9 307 5399
Fax: +64 9 377 7125

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