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NAME:  Tokyo Inter-High School (TIHS)

LOCATIONShibuya-ku, Tokyo

International online high school

Tokyo Inter-High School (TIHS)

Tokyo Inter-High School (TIHS) is an American online high school in Japan which is affiliated with Alger Independence High School in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, USA. THIS provides limited daily classroom study curriculums at Shibuya Campus in Tokyo Japan.

What you can do at TOKYO Inter-High School:

¢£TIHS's highest concern is the student's personal goal and lifestyle.
¢£Student can enroll and graduate at any time, from anywhere in the world.
¢£Student is not obliged to attend classes and take tests.
¢£Student can use the Internet for their entire learning journey.
¢£Student can choose to enroll in a special college entrance preparation course.
¢£Student is individually supported by the private learning coach
¢£Students can study in either English or Japanese.

Student can earn credits through a wide variety of learning activities of their choice:
Some examples include the following:
¢£Translating Hollywood movies into Japanese (English Credit)
¢£Maintaining a business journal while on the job (Occupational Education Credit)
¢£Participating in local volunteer activities (Occupational Education Credit)
¢£Study for and taking the SAT, TOEFL or other standard tests (Math/English Credit)
¢£Taking the National Japanese Kanji Certification Test (Elective Course Credit)

Graduation Requirements:

There are 20 credits required to graduate from the basic program (one credit equals 150hours of learning experiences).

Study Records and Final Achievements

A student needs to submit the evidence for their academic achievements (e.g.,term papers, research reports, certifications, test scores, artwork, etc.). All achievements are

evaluated and graded by the learning coaches and the principal. The results are submitted to Alger Independence High School for final approval.

If a student has earned sufficient transferrable credits in other high schools in Japan or abroad, he or she may be able to graduate as short as six months.

What the students receive at their graduation:

A student will receive an official high school diploma from Alger Independence High School, which is nationally accredited and an approved high school by the Washington State Board of Education.

A student can earn an optional Japanese high school equivalency certificate if he or she enrolls in the Japanese high school equivalent certification course while studying for a U.S. diploma in TIHS. All studies for the Japanese high school equivalent certification courses are counted toward the credits for a US diploma.

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Tokyo Inter-high School website

Contact via E-mail

1-23-18 Shibuya Shibuya-ku World East Bldg. 4F Tokyo Japan 150-0002

Phone ¡§03-6427-3450 or free dial  0120-327-181
Fax ¡§03-6427-3451

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