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Name: Pacific International Academy at Marylhurst University
Location: Marylhurst, Oregon, USA
Type of Institution: Internship
Intensive English & Internship Program

Program Highlights
  • Oregon is full of nature in a safe environment
  • Enjoy American campus life at Marylhurst University
  • Communicate with students from different countries
  • Intensive ESL 4 hours a day
  • Internship opportunities at various locations after ESL Program
  • Stay with host families who are carefully interviewed

Purpose of this program

International cultural awareness
Learn and feel the differences of lifestyle, food, and more at a standard American home stay. Students can learn English though experience and activities with homestay families. You can practically learn about American culture while learning English too.

Make friends from all over the world.
At the Marylhurst University campus in Portland Oregon, you can have a great experience taking ESL lessons with students from several different countries at Pacific International Academy. There are many chances to make friends through a lot of activities.

ESL class to help you improve your practical English
In order to improve your English skills, you need to place yourself in a situation where you hear English every day, helping to take your resistance (barrier) away and get used to communicating with people not from Japan. Throughout the program you have many chances to meet many people.

Internship gives you practical working experience
Experience what it is like to work in America. Increase your English skills with practical experience working.

Examples of Possible Internship Placement Locations

May Father's Place
Clackamas Women's Services
First Methodist Church
Oregon Food Bank
St. Vincent DePaul and Transition Suppers
Mercy Corps Headquarters
Ronald Mc Donald House
Institute on Ageing
Community Gardening Organization
Habitat for Humanity

What's Oregon like

Very mild weather through out year. 1C for winter as lowest, 7C highest and about 4C generally in winter. For March, about 5C to 15C.

About 1,700,000 people in Portland. Many surveys prove that Portland is the No 1 city where many Americans want to live because of its environment, green nature, very clean, very few crime cases (about half the cases of CA.) and also no sales tax on items purchased. Shopping is good.

Pacific International Academy on the Marylhurst University campus

Just 20 minutes from Portland by local bus, in the nice quiet area around Lake Oswego, there is a private University called Marylhurst University (MU). On the campus of MU, there is a language school called Pacific International Academy (PIA). The Staff at PIA welcome you and take care of you while you are there. MU was built in 1893 as the first Catholic women liberal arts college in Pacific North West area. Now MU is a co-ed Catholic university and has many strong programs like Business, Art, and Music. Students can study Art, Communication, History, English, Humanity, Interior design, Music, Music therapy, MBA, etc...

Small class environment

At PIA, generally there are about 50 students are enrolled. You can enjoy the benefit of a small, but very friendly, family environment. Average class size is around 12 students. You take a placement test on the first day and PIA faculty assigns you to a suitable English level class. Every day, Monday through Friday, the schedule is 2 hours ESL in the morning and 2 hours ESL in the afternoon. Four important elements of English lessons are covered: listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are 5 different levels of English instruction.

PIA has Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Brazilian, France, German...etc. You can make many friends from many different countries as you see them in a class and also in activities.


Many different kinds of fun activities are organized by PIA such as bowling, movie night, Downtown SS and shopping, Ski tour, Columbia Gorge hike. These activities make it easy for you to make many friends!

Homestay experience

Learn American style of life through living with host family. PIA staff visit all the possible families and interview them very carefully so the student can stay there comfortably and safely. Generally, two students pair-up as a group and stay together at a host family. Two meals a day are provided by the host family, breakfast and dinner. (Breakfast generally "help yourself" style) For lunch, you can make your own sandwich at home or stop by MU cafeteria

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Pacific International Academy at Marylhurst University Website


Nan Ziong
Marketing Coordinator
Pacific International Academy at Marylhurst University
17600 Pacific Highway 43
Marylhurst, Oregon 97036-0267

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