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Axis Kichijoji International School Axis Kichijoji International School ””
  NAME:   Axis Kichijoji International School
  LOCATION: Musashino-shi, Tokyo
  TYPE OF INSTITUTION: International School (K-12)

Welcome to Axis Kichijoji International!

Image We are extremely happy to introduce you to our unique program for the development of your child. Whether you are requesting to attend for a few months, or planning on a few years, I am sure that you will find us a satisfactory educational partner. Possibilities for our children abound, and we look forward to helping you with your child”Ēs school requirements.

Our International School program environment enables students to develop life skills while striving towards academic excellence and upholding Christian values. A small student-teacher ratio encourages students to feel relaxed and to not be shy to ask questions that would enable them to learn. Students, under the guidance of caring instructors, engage in guided, independent learning.

Each student is recognized as an individual with specific requirements; thus programs are tailored to meet each of those needs. They are not in a lock-step method and are thus each individually able to progress. If children advance rapidly they may continue to the next grade earlier. Children who, due to illness cannot come to school don”Ēt loose out as they continue right from where they last left off.

To help Japanese students acquire the necessary skill for our International School, we have a Prep School to prepare them. We believe, based on past experience, that we can take a Japanese child with no English ability, and teach them so that they are able to enter into an International school. All children who master their English skills are naturally given preference to the Axis Kichijoji International School for a grade 1 placement. Children who are not able to enter into our International School program due to the more limited number of students, will find that they are able to enter other good schools of their choice.

Through play, music, stories and much more, the children in the Prep School are prepared and encouraged to use and develop their English Language skills with native teachers and Japanese Language assistant teachers. Our program has been made so that no one is left out.
Native English speaking children who join the Prep School will find that they will not be left out. They will acquire a solid foundation in the skills that they will need when they begin their formal education.

The program is divided into a Morning program and an Afternoon program. Depending on time, and skill, you may enroll your child for both programs. If 2 days or 3 days a week is more convenient, then please discuss this with us at the time of enrollment and we will try to offer you the best solution available.

English Play Time is for a time where your child can have the opportunity to play with an English Teacher and other children. Here we allow the children to serve tea and talk about heir day, or perhaps take a train ride through their imagination. Our hamburger stand would be a good place for hungry customers to order their burgers and fries. Through the use of their acquired language, the children will gain a confidence that the targeted language class cannot offer. Children from a variety of ages are permitted to join this class. Registration with the front desk is required before a child can join in this class.

English Classes compliment our program. In the afternoons and evenings we also offer private and group English classes. Please discuss your requirements with us. We would be happy to assist you to achieve the level of English that you desire.

Children that have studied with us have successfully applied and been accepted at the American School in Japan and Christian Academy in Japan. Internationally we have placed students in America, Canada, and New Zealand.

Thank you for your interest in Axis Kichijoji International and we hope that we will have the privilege of helping your child.

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School Name: Axis Kichijoji International School
Nanai Building
1-35-14 Kichijoji Hon-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0004
Tel: 0422–20–3626
Fax: 0422–20-3626
Contact via E-mail

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