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The first, and most important, step in preparing for study abroad is the school selection process. What type of school are you looking for? Are you interested in short-term intensive language training? Exchange programs or full-time study at high schools, colleges, and universities overseas? Perhaps Graduate Studies including specializations such as the LL.M., M.B.A., or Executive Education? Whatever your needs, why not start by using the School Search categories below. Contained within each of these categories are hundreds of schools that are waiting to hear from students just like you!

Keep in mind that all schools and programs are not the same, and that it’s important to find the school that is just right for you. Does the program satisfy your needs and requirements, i.e., will it help you attain your goals? What is the living and learning environment like? What support services does the school provide? For a list of other things to keep in mind, please visit the Study Abroadsection of the site.

If you should have any questions, or should require some assistance along the way, don’t forget that you can always book a free counselling session with Global’s friendly and experienced counselling staff.


Looking for a short-term intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from close to 1,000 schools in our database and search engine. Whether you’re looking to improve your conversational speaking skills, increase your TOEIC scores for work purposes, or obtain the necessary TOEFL® score for admission to university or graduate programs, Global can introduce you to leading ESL institutions and programs across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and USA. Looking for some more advice, why not check out the Q & A section for English Language Schools.


Study Tours

Study Tours are like all-inclusive package trips and are ideal for the first-time traveler, or first overseas study experience. Programs have been custom-designed to provide a blend of both educational and cultural experiences. As a result, you will not only be able to improve your language skills, but also develop new areas of skills and knowledge, make friends from around the world, and enjoy a unique cultural experience overseas.


High School

Considering completing your secondary education overseas? Many public and private high school programs now accept, and and cater to, international students. The perfect school for you may be right here. For some timely advice from our counsellors on high school study abroad, refer to theHigh School Q & A.



Ideal for acquiring new skills, upgrading one’s qualifications, or as a stepping-stone to university study, college programs vary widely in name by country. Whether it may be called a college, a community college, a university college, a polytechnic, institute of technology, TAFE, etc., this section will introduce you to those accredited institutions offering various certificate, diploma, and degree programs.


Foundation/Bridging Programs

This list is intended for students who would like to study at the post-secondary level, but do not yet meet the necessary English and/or academic requirements. The successful completion of these one-year programs will not only help prepare students for the rigors of study at the University level, but in many cases, successful completion of these courses will also guarantee admission to select programs and courses.


University (Undergraduate)

Selected listings and profiles of leading global university graduate/postgraduate programs.


Junior Year Abroad

JYA stands for Junior Year Abroad and is particularly for current university students in Japan looking to spend a year (usually your junior/third year) studying overseas. Many institutions will have agreements in place with sister/partner institutions that will allow you to transfer your credits back to your home institution. However, many students often go abroad just for the educational and cultural experience, even if the credits do not transfer. The JYA Programs listed here are ideal for Japanese students and many have been adapted for the Japanese academic year allowing you to maximize your time away from your home institution. JYA provides a great opportunity to improve your English skills, live overseas, experience a new culture, and study alongside university students from around the world.


University (Graduate)

Selected listings and profiles of leading global university graduate/postgraduate programs.



The Master of Laws degree, LL.M., is an internationally recognized postgraduate degree for lawyers. Many programs are designed for students who have received law degrees in Japan (or other foreign countries), and who now wish to study at the postgraduate level to further their careers in law, business or international affairs. Select listings and profiles of leading LL.M. programs can be found here.



The Master of Business Administration degree, M.B.A., is an internationally recognized postgraduate degree in business studies. Select listings and profiles of leading MBA programs can be found here.


Distance Learning

The widespread use of the Internet has brought e-learning to everyone and this is rapidly changing the education process. In many countries in North America, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere, e-learning has become both a supplement to the regular education system and a means for very busy people-and people without easy access to regular classrooms-to improve their qualifications and to gain certificates, diplomas and degrees.


Professional Qualifications

A list of programs leading to various professional certifications for careers in Accountancy, Nursing, Teaching, etc. This list is ideal for those people looking to both increase their knowledge and upgrade their qualifications.


Executive Education

Select listings and profiles of leading executive development program targeted for top management. Programs focusing on general management, finance, leadership, marketing and other areas of interest range from 2 to 4 days duration to one week and longer. A broad range of customized programs are also offered.



A list of schools and organizations offering scholarship information and assistance for Japanese students.



A list of schools providing educational opportunities in Japan ranging from domestic and foreign-based pre-school to university programs, as well as Japanese language schools, culture centers, and specialty schools