Scholarships Available in Japan

  1. Japanese Mombusho (Ministry of Education) and other government-funded scholarships are for current high school or university, or graduate students and are usually applicable at designated schools and institutions.
  2. Scholarships offered by the governments of nations other than Japan for Japanese nationals for the purpose of international exchange and understanding. Superior language skills in the language of the nation offering the particular scholarship are required.
  3. Local governments in Japan offer a variety of scholarship and financial support options ranging from limited financial support to full scholarships.
  4. The private sector in Japan offers a number of scholarship and financial support options.



Scholarships Available Overseas

  1. Overseas governments offer scholarship and financial assistance programs that are administered by national governments, local governments of those nations and designated post secondary institutions.
  2. Many public and private institutions implement scholarship programs specifically for overseas students. Since the terms and conditions can vary considerably from year to year, contact the institution of your choice directly for the most recent details.