Pre-departure Preparation

A.    Obtaining Passport

It is required to have passport when going through immigration and customs. Also your passport will serve as an official identification document issued by your country’s government. In oder to apply for student visa it is required to have valid passport. You will be asked to submit certificate of residence, photo and other necessary documents in order to obtain your passport, so we recommend to apply as soon as possible. Make sure that you are having valid passport on hands and don’t forget to renew one if remaining validity period is not enough.

B.    Obtaining visa

Visa is an official permition to enter the country, issued by that country’s embassy or consulate. Visa type varies depending on the purpose of your entry. In case of studying abroad, typically you will receive a student visa. Hovewer depending on periond of stay and other cricumstances, you may enter on tourist visa, working holiday visa, or without any visa. In case of some countries, such as England or Ireland, you are not required to have student visa in order to enter that country with purpose to become a student.

Procedures and requirements vary by country and you are not guaranteed to be issued visa. Spend enough time to gather information. Also many travel agencies assist with visa applications as well.

C.   Money Matters

Make sure to prepare enough cash on hand before departuring. You can exchange your money at any currency exchange bureau but be aware that exchange rate and commission fees vary depending on the bank. For some rare currencies it may take several days to complete the transaction, so make sure to prepare in advance.

List of services

Using a credit card

It is well known rule that you are not recommended to carry much cash on hand while staying abroad. Some recent credit cards are being issued with your photo on or have additional customer services and insurances. There are special credit cards for international students as well.

Using traveler’s checks

Traveler’s check is handy alternative to cash. Especially they are popular due to protection system. Even in case of robbery they can be easily replaced right away. The ammount of check is printed on face of the check. Make sure to sign at assigned place after purchasing the checks.

International cash card

This is the way to keep your school money safe without opening a bank account abroad. Using this service enables you to withdraw money directly from Japanese bank in local currency. This will serve you well while styding and traveling abroad.

Opening bank account abroad
In case of long term stay, we recommend to open a bank account at locak bank. In order to open an account you will need to have passport, ID card, driving licene, credit card or any other identification document and minimum deposit fee. Make sure to enquire in advance, as some banks may not open an account for international students.

D.    Buying insurance

In case of ilness of accident, the fee for medical treatment can become very expensive. In some countries, such as US, Canada, England and others, there is an optional insurance for international students. Hovewer the coverage field is limited, so make sure to buy a good insurance before your departure. Overseas travelers’ personal accident insurance is a good choice, however make sure to consult with your insurance agent in advance.

Bilingual support in country of destination and staff availability can be critical criterias for your choice of insurance.

Details of the available insurance policies vary depending on your destination and period of travel. Make sure to consult with insurance agency in advance.


Things to take

  1. Dictionary

Pocket side or electronic dictionary will serve you well during your trip.

  1. Medicine

It may not be easy to get prescription abroad and medicines vary from country to country. We recommend you to take basic things, such as gastrointestinal or cold medicines. In case of chronic illness make sure to obtain English prescription from your doctor.

  1. Underwear

It maybe troublesome to match the size of your underwear abroad. We recommend you to take planty of high quality underwear from Japan.

  1. Landry net

100 Yen shop one will be prefectly fine.

  1. Slippers

Japanese prefer to remove shoes indoor.

  1. Beach sandals

Can be used to wear in the shower when staying at hostels or hotels abroad. Can work as an alternative for slippers as well.

  1. Cosmetics

Take the products you are used to. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. Japanese food

It is possible to purchase japanese food in many countries. However the price of each product will be much higher than that in Japan. Consider taking tea or other small daily products with you. In case of long term stay, you may ask for delivery from Japan.

  1. Contact lenses

Make sure to bring spare pare with you.

  1. Hygiene product

A must have for female travelers.

  1. Youth hostel member ID

This accomodation facility has presence at over 50 countries around the world. Typically you can get a place to stay for around 2,000 JPY per night.

  1. International student ID

You can enjoy benefits of special student discount at many destinations around the world. This card is easy to issue, just get a copy of your student card and photo ready.

  1. International Youth Travel Card

Anyone below 25 years old can use this card. It can be issued easily by showing identification documents and presenting recent photo.

  1. Credit card